“Home” سوالات مربوط به بخش اول مصاحبه آزمون آیلتس

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“Home” سوالات مربوط به بخش اول مصاحبه آزمون آیلتس



سوالات مربوط به مهارت صحبت کردن و مصاحبه در آزمون آیلتس 3 بخش هستند. در این صفحه سوالات مربوط به بخش اول مصاحبه آزمون آیلتس به همراه چندین جواب نمونه را می توانید مطالعه کنید.

همچنین جواب خود را در بخش نظرات وارد کنید تا ارزیابی انجام شود.

Q1: Can you describe your home? Answer: I live on the top floor of a building. It’s quite small; about sixty square meters. It has one bed room and a small living room. Everyone says it’s too small but I think it’s just the right size for me.    Alternative Answers:

  • Well, we have a two-roomed flat, two bedrooms and a small sitting room overlooking the yard. In spite of being small, I think it is very cozy and convenient.
  • Our flat is medium-sized. We have two bedrooms, a study and a living room.
  • We live in a flat in the old section of the city. It was once a three-story house that was converted into several flats. Now ten families live in our building. We live on the third floor. We have three bedrooms; spare bedroom also serves as a study. There is a large living room and a kitchen with a small balcony overlooking a street.
  • Our flat is kind of small for four people. It’s about sixty meters. Of course, we are used to it. We share a garden with other residents in the block. 

Q2: What is your favorite room? Answer: My favorite room would have to be our sitting room. Since it is north-facing, it is brighter than the other rooms. Secondly, the balcony of our living room overlooking a beautiful flower bed full of climbing roses.   Alternative answers:

  • It would have to be our living room. Because I have tried to create an inviting atmosphere by using different combination of colors. It is so lively, and tastefully-decorated. I always try to keep it neat and tidy.
  • Probably our living room. Because we often gather together there, after we come home from work.
  • Our family room. It’s comfortable and well-lit room with a pleasing décor. It’s traditional-looking with lots of antique furniture. There is a rocking chair in the corner of the room. 

Q3: Describe your sitting room. Answer: Well, It’s L-shaped, quite spacious and airy. It is so bright and we get a lot of sunlight; there are windows on two sides of the room. There is a fireplace in the corner of the room and wallpaper is matched with furnishings. We have a TV, sofa, … um … and bookcase in our sitting room.   Alternative answers:

  • We have a rug, a set of chairs and a dinner table and a TV set there. Er… the floor of our sitting room covered with fitted carpet. It’s not very large, I like it though. 

Q4: Where do you live? Answer: Well, that is not so easy to answer …er… during the weekdays I live in the dormitory of my university, but over the weekends, I live with my parents in small town called […]. At present, I really do not know which one to call my home. Alternative answers:

  • At present, I am sharing an apartment with a couple of friends. It is in a city called […]. Er… it has three rooms; one of the rooms is mine.
  • I live on the outskirts of […], a city close to […] city … er … it’s just 30 kilometers west of […] city.
  • I live in an area called […]; a densely populated area of the town. 


Q 5:What do you like best about the place you are living? Answer: Er … its location. Our flat is very well-located. We have easy access to most major motorways.   Alternative answers:

  • Its green space for sure. I live in a house overlooking a large garden. It has made our home so beautiful.
  • It’s location. It’s perfectly situated between two main streets called […] and […] so there are lots of stylish shops and boutiques close to our home. 


Q6: How far is your home from your workplace? Answer: We live in one of the suburbs of the city. My workplace is about ten kilometers away from my home. It usually takes me about half an hour or so to get to my work.   Alternative answer:

  • My home is quite close to my workplace. I can walk there in about ten minutes. 

Q7: What would you like to change in your home? Answer: Well, I would like to do up our sitting room. I think the walls need painting … er … and if I can afford, I’ll refit the kitchen, change the cabinets and have the floor tiled. Now it’s in poor condition.   Alternative answers:

  • I would like to redecorate our guestroom and use livelier colors.
  • I think I should rearrange the furniture in the sitting room. ‘Variety is the spice of life.’
  • I would certainly enlarge our sitting room. That’s kind of small.
  • Adding an extension to our living room to remodel my home, I guess. Fortunately, there is room for that. 

Q8: Would you prefer living in a house or a flat? Answer: On balance, living in a flat is more convenient and secure. On the other hand, the maintenance costs of having a house are usually higher.   Alternative answers: Although most apartments in big cities enjoy modern facilities, I still prefer living in a house. In my opinion, house-living provides more comfort and independence. Secondly, one of the common problems of flat-living is that not all residents of flats consider the rights of other neighbors. 

Q 9: What is the most important feature that you consider when you choose a house or apartment? Answer: Well, a house should basically meet the personal needs of the owner. To me, its facilities are the most important of all.   Alternative answer: Well, personally speaking, price is the most important aspect, however I consider the things like age, size … um … style and location. 

Q 10: Do you live with your parents? Answer: Actually, I used to, but now, I’m living on my own.   Alternative answer: Yes I do.  I live with my parents. 

Q 11: Describe your dream house. Answer: Let me think, the only thing that comes to my mind is that it would be somewhere on a hillside overlooking a beautiful lake with lots of rooms. The window of the sitting room would be like a framed painting.   Alternative answer:

  • If I could choose my dream home, I would say somewhere out of town with a good climate. It would be quite roomy, with large yard and the view of mountains; a place remote from the noisy cities where you can experience the beauty of nature. Er… I can’t think of anything else now.
  • Well, it should be a rambling, well-decorated and stylish penthouse with good facilities in a quiet residential area.
  • Of course, I believe home is where the heart is. Er … to describe my dream house, I should say a country house in an elevated position, overlooking a lake. 


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